New Born Baby and Mon Care

New Born Baby and Mother Care

Pregnancy care comprises of three parts prenatal care, during pregnancy and postnatal care. While a lot of attention is given to prenatal care, postnatal care is equally important. In fact, postnatal is a difficult period and the new mother requires a lot of care, guidance and attention for the proper recovery and good health of both the mother and the child. Giving birth can be both an emotional and stressful period for a new mother. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the first 24 hours after birth are most critical for both the baby and the mother and proper care and attention should be given to the new mother and the baby in this period.

RiteCare offers a carefully designed program. It is a postnatal care program that takes the workload and the worries away from the new parents. Parenthood is an overwhelming experience and in today’s world where couples are sometimes forced to live away from their families or have no family support in this critical period, they have to take care of the baby on their own. This translates into a lot of work and stress for the new parents, especially in the first few months which are critical for both the baby and the mother.

Under the RiteCare program, RiteCare assigns a medically trained care giver to help the mother with newborn baby care and also offers after delivery care for mother.

When Do You Need Us?

Through our new born baby care service you can rely on us to offer you a comprehensive neonatal care and after pregnancy care by a highly trustful, caring and well trained caregiver. Our caregivers have themselves been mothers and as such are highly experienced in providing new born baby care and post delivery care.

Some of the services in our RiteCare program include:

New Mother Care: After the enlivening birthing process, several new mothers fall into postpartum depression. Emotional support and massage might help the mother recover and enjoy her motherhood. Post operative and after delivery care is very important for the new mother to make a full recovery. So if you are looking for a supportive professional care for the mother then this program is for you.

New Born Baby Care: A new born baby is very delicate and needs special attention and care. A new mother often finds herself struggling during this period. To help the new mother take care of baby, our care givers are specifically trained to provide new born baby care and help with lactation, massages and postnatal exercises. So just book with us for a new born baby care service and enjoy your motherhood, while we do the hard work.

The Coming Home Service: After leaving the nursing home or hospital, you can avail of our coming home services that includes doctor visit during the first month, telephonic consultations with doctors and advisory support on lactation, nutrition and postnatal recovery. Our caregivers are also fully equipped with the knowledge to provide post delivery care to the mother and new born care.

RiteCare program will help you cope with:

  • o      The uncertainty of how best to care for your little one

  • o      The initial challenges of feeding and postoperative recovery

  • o      The complete change in life as you knew it before the delivery

  • o      Taking a little time off, while someone trusted takes care of your baby

Things To Expect From New Born Baby Care And Mother Care:

  • o      New born baby care

  • o      Breastfeeding care

  • o      Personalized Care

  • o      Post-delivery mother care

  • o      Counselling and Emotional support for the mother

  • o      Affordable and easily accessible service